First Flight

My first drone flight above Noardburgum in the Netherlands. This was mainly a test to run through the whole process of creating a drone video and getting familiar with the drone it self.

So I bought a drone…

Finally I decided to buy I drone for myself. I’ve wanted one for a long time and now I did it. So this is my first drone video shot at my birthplace Noardburgum. It’s definitely not perfect, but I’m already learning a lot from this first flight!

I went for the DJI Mavic Mini, because of it’s great video quality for a starter drone and I was amazed about how easy this drone is to fly!

Getting in the air!

Before I really tried making some nice shots, I mostly tested the feature of the drone and getting used to te controls. After I while I started recording some shots at dawn to get some nice long shadows and a few lens flares from the sun. I noticed that for most of the shots I had the exposure way to low, so a lot of shots came out dark, especially with a bright sky its really difficult to get both the sky and the ground nicely detailed.

After a while I figured out what the best settings are for the conditions outside and so in the video you can see that near the end, shots started to look better.

Some observations

So shooting in different light conditions showed me that, although sunrise or dawn can be really cool if your looking for a warm glow, long shadows and some happy accidental lens flares, It can also take a hit on video quality. Shadows can be way to dark, or the sky can come out way to bright. The situation that worked best for me was a sunny partly clouded day. This gave some nice sunny spots on the ground, but still made an interesting image because of the moving shadows of the clouds that can easily been seen from such a hight. Also filming in this condition made it able to have the sky and the ground nicely lit and sharp.

Another thing I noticed is that I made a lot of panning shots, from left to right or right to left. But this will eventually get boring in the edit. Shot that go only forward or pan a little up or down can really get the edit more interesting, especially shots that pan sideways while moving a direction with the drone, can feel really cinematic. This also took a while before I noticed this.

Final thoughts

I’m definitely going to make more drone videos and improve my skills. I’ve already learned a lot from these first tests and I’m planning to do a lot more different locations also in different countries.