My goal is to capture the places I go to with the help of my drone and a camera and share my experiences about the world.


Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and get to know me a little better!

My name is Jasper and back when I was a kid, I loved experimenting with film. I always tried to make little movies, but focused mainly on making nice looking shots and creating a story out of those. Because of this I started an audiovisual/animation study at a community college to learn a bit more about directing and movie making. During this time I gained an interest in 3D animation and CGI and did a lot of self studying and after graduating I decided to go to the university of the arts in Utrecht to do a bachelor in 3D animation. Here I made a lot of animated shorts and it was the perfect way to create all the worlds and stories that I could think of without a big budget, but only with the amount of time I could spare. I graduated in 2018 and am now a full time 3D generalist/pipeline TD at a CGI animation studio.

The reason I started this site is to take a few steps back to where I initially started; making nice looking shots. After buying a drone I felt like I could step up the quality and this excites me to not only work on my skills of creating pleasing images and videos, but also sharing this online. I still have a lot to learn in terms of photography and creating visual images using real life elements (I’ve always used the computer to make images and film), but having my own site gives me a nice platform to develop and share my work. So don’t hesitate to give feedback, I’m open to learn!

Next to visual work, I’d also like to get a blog going. Sharing my thoughts on certain matters or sharing the adventures I run into.

Brands I use