Hi! my name is Jasper de Vries and I am a upcoming 3D artist specialised in look development, directing, lighting, shading and pipeline TD. Throughout the years I've worked on all kinds of different projects and shorts, mostly on the University of the Arts Utrecht. I know my way arround the 3D software Autodesk Maya and have a solid understanding of compositing in Fusion, editing in Premiere Pro & Davinci Resolve and knowing the steps to create a animation project or a short.

For me, atmosphere and feeling are an important aspect in my work. It has to draw people into the story and trigger the right emotions. I’d like my work to portray a picture of epicness and grandeur, resulting in goose bumps for my viewers.

My ambition is to work as a director or a supervisor in making short animated films and preferably within my own established studio. I’d like to take charge of a team and trying to achieve the best end results.